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Skin Consultation


Unlike other skin analysers, the Dermograph™ combines dermoscopy, spectroscopy and nanotechnology to study your skin 2mm beneath the skins surface. This is right down to the dermal layer, where many underlying skin conditions originate. 

COMPLIMENTARY with any treatment or skincare purchase.

The Dermograph™ ensures you are receiving highly accurate skin assessments to study skin redness, dermal oiliness, skin hydration and texture, hyperpigmentation and collagen. This indepth study allows our staff to enhance the fine details of your skin, for a precise recommendations for the long-term benefit of your skin.

It has been designed by a team of dedicated dermal scientists and skin experts to perfect the way we understand the skin. Our staff can see issues before they come to the surface, and by providing the correct products, guide you on the path to accurate skin care product and treatment solutions. We will also track your skin health journey to show you the improvements to your skin thanks to your new skin care plan.



Without skincare or treatment purchase (20 mins) ....................... $35
With skincare or treatment purchase (20 mins) ......................... FREE

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